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A Dirty Crying Shame

July 12, 2011

It seems that Bersih sympathisers are tripping over themselves trying to capitalise on the death of one of their own. Take a look at these tweets by Patrick Teoh:

Pretty powerful stuff. It’s a shame for him then that the man shown in the video wasn’t actually the man who died. In fact, it turned out there was nothing much wrong with him after all.

Trying to discredit the police by spreading lies about someone’s death? Makes him look like a right proper asshole, doesn’t it?


What was it for again, Dato’?

July 12, 2011

Dato’ Marina Mahathir recently wrote a poignant piece about her experience with the Bersih protest here. She wrote movingly about how she and her friends had a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks and then went on a pleasant weekend stroll. And about how young people with yellow ribbons danced and ate ice cream while others soaked in the carnival atmophere.

I guess in all that excitement and all that touching humanity, she must have forgotten to narrate one insignificant little detail – how she and her comrades made their demands for the government to clean the electoral roll, reform postal ballot and use indelible ink known to the world. That must have happened surely, mustn’t it? After all, wasn’t that what they were all there for?

Strange, isn’t it, that in a 2,000 word ode to an illegal gathering, there was not a single sentence, nay a single word, about what that gathering was supposed to have been about.