A Dirty Crying Shame

It seems that Bersih sympathisers are tripping over themselves trying to capitalise on the death of one of their own. Take a look at these tweets by Patrick Teoh:

Pretty powerful stuff. It’s a shame for him then that the man shown in the video wasn’t actually the man who died. In fact, it turned out there was nothing much wrong with him after all.

Trying to discredit the police by spreading lies about someone’s death? Makes him look like a right proper asshole, doesn’t it?


4 Responses to “A Dirty Crying Shame”

  1. anti bohmau Says:

    there’s a storm in a cup of bersih…turned out to be bershit!! nothing gained form the rally, just a rally itself!!

  2. oik65 Says:

    Too true… if you asked the rally goers to recite Bersih’s 8 demands, I doubt even 5% of them would be able to list 3 correctly.

  3. tembeleng Says:

    Otai like Patrick Teohnasing, of course always tertinggal ketapi one. Hahahaha. The video kanoti long time oredi, old man. Don’t lah kasi malu sendiri saja, Mr Teoh. Hahahaha.

  4. tembeleng Says:

    Oops. *Kantoi, not kanoti. But ka-notti oso can lah, Mr Teoh. Bwahahaha.

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