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Bersih 3.0

April 6, 2012

This is how I think the Government should handle the upcoming Bersih 3.0 demo.

The Prime Minister should come on air once and only once and state unequivocally that:
– Their demands will be ignored
– Police with cameras will be deployed at relevant locations to collect evidence, but will not otherwise try to control the demo.
– Organizers will be held fully responsible for all damage and disruption
– No effort will be spared to identify those who participate.
– The full force of the law will be applied to anyone caught on camera to be breaking the law – vandalism, trespass, violence, bringing children to the demo, even jaywalking
– Disciplinary action will be taken against civil servants participating including dismissal, withholding of promotions and increments
– Disciplinary action will be taken against IPTA students participating including expulsion, withdrawal of loans and scholarships
– The public and business owners adversely affected will be encouraged to pursue legal action against the organizers and participants. Police videos and photos will be made available to them to aid in this action.

After the PM has made this announcement, there should be a total blackout of the event on the mass media. No warnings, comments, editorials and no reporting before or after the event.

Bersih feeds off antagonism, adversity and most of all publicity. Deny these and this bastard child of Ambiga and Anwar will starve.