The Ugly Malaysian

No, not the man in the white shirt, but the baying hordes surrounding him.

This video shows the cruel harassment of a Malaysian citizen whose only “crime” was to exercise his right to vote.

Accused of being a phantom voter, he persevered and was eventually able to cast his ballot despite the intimidation. Take a bow, Mr. Rameish Raman. You have my respect.

Edit 2.30pm, May 7th:

It seems there are some still questioning whether Mr Rameish is indeed Malaysian even after clarification from JPN that he was. After all, JPN, being a part of Government, is not to be trusted.

By all accounts, this incident occurred at the Taman Segar polling centre under the P.123 Cheras constituency. This is a formidable DAP fortress with the Chinese making up 84% of voters. In 2008, the incumbent Tan Kok Wai won this seat by a whopping 28,300 majority. So, it begs the question: If he were indeed a phantom voter, why would BN send him to a place like this? What could it possibly hope to achieve?


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12 Responses to “The Ugly Malaysian”

  1. Jamie Says:

    kesiannya 😦

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  3. Haziq Rosdi Says:

    Why am I not surprised?

  4. mohd Says:

    next time on malay..

    • oik65 Says:

      No one deserves to be treated like this. I’m trying hard not to turn this into a race thing, but imagine the outrage if it were Malays that had done this.

  5. affandi Says:

    No one. No one…not even if he was a foreigner. I am so sorry to say and if I sound racist, so be it because when Malay-looking thugs people claimed were Umno machais harassing crowd in some public events in the past, I said the same thing about them “samseng” . These people were definitely DAP machais and they did what they did as though they were the law — and through May 5, we get substantiated reports that these guys were harassing people. Calling “Bangla Bangla bangla” at Malaysians who don’t have yellow skin,.

    Samseng. Samseng samseng..

    • oik65 Says:

      Good for you. It’s not often these day that I find people who would condemn wrongdoings regardless of who commits them. I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard a word from the likes of Ambiga about these disgraceful events. Wasn’t she the one who was making a big hooha about election violence before?

      Anyway, I don’t know if there was a concerted effort to scare people away from voting. I would rather think not. However, what I see in this video to me definitely qualifies as criminal intimidation. Hopefully the authorities will take the appropriate action against all involved.

      And I can think of a few juicier words than Samseng to call these people 🙂

  6. syafiqmanaf Says:

    I am surprised the police has been so patient and did not take further action against the hooliganist behavior of these people.

  7. syafiqmanaf Says:

    Reblogged this on syafiqmanaf and commented:
    What make them feel so superior to question another people right? must have exactly same skin-color? even their ‘Bahasa’ are not fluent for Malaysian requirement. when a race feel so empower over other, that will come with racism attitude. Feel so disappointed with this a few people attitude, extinction are upon these racialist that live and roam freely in Malaysia. I hope. Finger-Cross

  8. Pakatan loses election petitions so they create their own ‘court’ | Helen Ang Says:

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