A Prediction Fulfilled

So it has come to pass. As predicted, the Chinese have completely deserted BN. Though why Najib seems quite so shocked, I honestly don’t know. You could smell the Chinese Tsunami coming from a mile away.

So now Najib is angry with them. He shouldn’t be. It is their right to vote for whoever they wish. And it should not reflect badly on them that they “betrayed” him. They did what they felt was best for them. And so too must he now do what he feels is best for him.

Najib must remember that he is first and foremost the president of UMNO. It is by virtue of holding that position is he the Prime Minister of Malaysia. UMNO’s struggle is first and foremost for the Malays and Bumiputras. He must never forget that. His actions as Prime Minister must ultimately be for the benefit of the Malays. If it is in their best interest that he abandon the Chinese to their own fate, then that is what he must do.

This election has shown that BN can survive without the Chinese. It must now decide whether it wants to do so.


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