Electoral Fraud

PKR golden boy Rafizi Ramli recently revealed what he called election fraud where 8 voters found their votes had already been cast when they presented themselves to vote at their respective polling stations. You can read about it here .

What I’d like you, the reader, to do is to think, really think, about what kind of fraud that BN could have perpetrated that would have resulted in this scenario. I can only think of one:

They picked the names of real voters, forged their ICs and sent phantoms to vote in their names first thing on the morning of May 5th. Despite doing this for the many thousands of times it was needed to have even the smallest effect on the election, only these 8 cases (perhaps a few more) were discovered, none of these phantom voters caught and none of these fake ICs found.

Does this sound even remotely plausible to you? Even more plausible than the possiblity that perhaps the officer at the polling centre simply made a mistake?

Here is an excerpt from an article about voters being wrongly fined for not voting in Australia (where voting is mandatory):

A spokesman for the Electoral Commission yesterday acknowledged there could be human error in the process.
“We understand that if someone has voted, or feels they have voted, that sets of all sorts of alarms,” the spokesman said.
“Sometimes the wrong name is marked off, or the one above or below is. It’s a manual process that is done on the day sometimes under pressure.”

In the case of these 8 voters, couldn’t the officer have read out and crossed off the wrong name when someone else voted earlier? Remember there were more than 10 million voters to process and even if the probabilty of this kind of error were 1,000,000 to 1, you’d still expect at least a few of them happening.

If Rafizi could not accept that people do make mistakes in elections, then how does he explain what happened at the recent DAP CEC election? Was it not a “mistake” that led to the results being drastically overhauled? As I recall, there were a lot less than 10 million voters in that one.

Update 7 Aug, 2013:

I’ve updated the link to the news article above to an article from FMT, because it seems that The Star has changed the article from my original link and removed any reference to the 8 voters.


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