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Disqualified finalists may compete

July 26, 2013

So says the title of the latest article in The Star on the Miss Malaysia World saga. It gives you the impression that the 4 Muslim contestants have already been cleared to participate in the pageant, doesn’t it?


After all, when the priest tells the groom “You may kiss the bride”, he really means “go ahead and kiss her”, not “Hmm… maybe you can. I’ll consider it and let you know”.

If you go on and read the actual article, you’ll find that what the director of JAWI said is actually the latter, i.e.

“I have not made a decision yet. But I will be announcing the decision to the public sometime next week,

I know newspaper editors have to be economical with the number of words they put into their headlines, but surely a misleading headline is so much worse than a long one.

Anyway, if I were one of the Muslim contestants, I wouldn’t be holding my breath. The chances of the final decision being in their favour are minute. Taking part in beauty pageants, be it in a bikini or a sarong, is clearly haram in Islam. The well-known verse 31 of surah An-Nur says so pretty emphatically. But the real killer is the fact that the fatwa has been gazetted and is effectively law.

I really don’t see how the Jawi director can come back and say anything but “No”. In fact I think he should have said so right there and then at the meeting.

Update 5am, 28-7-2013:

It seems that the article’s headline has now been changed to “Disqualified finalists may yet compete in Miss Malaysia World pageant”, which makes it somewhat less misleading. The headline on the front page, though, hasn’t (I’ve inserted the screen cap above). Sloppy.


Crocodile Tears

July 25, 2013

If the latest study by UMcedel is to be believed, the Chinese voters of Temerloh are already regretting dumping their former BN MP, Saifuddin Abdullah. Before we go further though, it has to be said that this really needs to be taken with a big pinch of salt based on UMcedel’s dubious track record and the links between its head, Redzuan Othman, and a certain Anwar bin Ibrahim.

The story, as told by The Malaysian Insider here, attempts to convey the following narrative:

Saifuddin was a popular representative who the Chinese voters of Temerloh were happy with. However they were unhappy with UMNO because of the 4 C’s: corruption, cronysism (sic), crime and cost of living. The Chinese voters of Temerloh were duped by Pakatan’s Ubah campaign into thinking that they could send BN packing and save the country from the 4 C’s, so they voted to boot out their popular MP. They now regret their action and if only UMNO could “get it right, then there is no problem to regain support from the community”.


Well, I call bullshit. IMO, this is nothing more than a damage limitation exercise, with UMcedel and perhaps even Saifuddin complicit in it. Are we to believe that the Chinese rejection of UMNO has nothing to do with its pro-Bumi agenda? That if only UMNO addressed the 4 C’s effectively the Chinese would happily return to the BN fold? The only thing these folks are sorry for is that they did not get what they wanted. They gambled and lost, and now they are afraid of the payback.

They remind me of these jokers and their groveling apologies after their victim turned the tables and called the cops on them:

We should expect to see such shows of “regret” often in the coming weeks and months. If Najib falls for this and continues to appease them at the expense of those who have loyally supported him, then he is a fool. 5 years from now, they will do exactly what they did on May 5th, only this time he may no longer have the solid support of the Bumiputras to bail him out.

OK, rant over. On a different note, can anyone tell me what on earth is CIMB doing advertising on the Malaysian Insider? Is somebody asleep at the wheel? Does the PM even know what his little brother is up to? Or is there something else going on behind the scenes over at TMI?

Utter Non-Cense

July 9, 2013

This is something that I just don’t get. Why do people fib when it’s ever so easy to find out if they’ve been fibbing? I’ve noticed that a lot of what I write here on this blog is to highlight cases of fibbing, from Anwar’s Facebook alibi a couple of years back to most recently Sakmongkol’s blatant manufacturing of GE13 stats.

Well here’s another one.

One Rita Sim from an organization calling itself CENSE has been going around telling folks that only 54% of Malays voted for BN in GE13. The basis for this number, apparently, is a survey they conducted a week after the election. You can read about it here.

There’s a simple way to tell if CENSE’s numbers actually make any sense: See if they add up.

Here are the relevant facts:

1) Percentage of voters from each race that voted BN according to CENSE: Malays 54%, Chinese 13%, Indian 44%
2) Breakdown of registered voters by race (as of June 2012): Malays 52.53%, Chinese 29.98%, Indians 7.27%, Others (East M’sia Bumi, Orang Asli, etc) 10.22%.
3) BN obtained 47.4% of the total vote.

Now, if we knew what percentage of each race voted for BN and what percentage of total voters each race comprised, it would be very easy to calculate the percentage of the total vote that BN obtained. We multiply these 2 percentages together for each race, then just sum up the products. In other words, from (1) and (2) above, we should be able to calculate (3).

However, we do have a slight problem – CENSE doesn’t tell us how many of the “Others” category voted for BN. I’m afraid that for this, we’ll just have to guess. Now, the higher the percentage we assign to these “Others”, the lower the percentage for Malays that is needed for the numbers to match up. Let’s be very generous, and assume that 70% of the “Others” voted for BN.

So our calculation becomes
% of votes won by BN = (0.54 * 0.5253) + (0.13 * 0.2998) + (0.44 * 0.0727) + (0.7 * 0.1022)
= 42.6%

Hmm, the numbers don’t match. There’s a difference of about 5% between what we calculated using CENSE’s numbers and BN’s actual vote percentage. This is actually quite a large difference. If we spread this extra 5% evenly between the races, we’ll get something like: Malay 61%, Chinese 15% and Indian 50%. I’m not saying this was how people actually voted, but this does show how far away CENSE’s numbers are from being credible.

Incidentally 61% Malay support is quite close to the 63% estimated by blogger DAH Ikhwan. This is probably the 4th time I’m posting a link to his blog, but if you’re really interested in how proper analysis is done, you really should pay him a visit. His numbers match up with reality so much better than CENSE’s nonsense.

Anwar’s Fatwa

July 3, 2013

I was intrigued by something that Anwar Ibrahim supposedly said yesterday in connection to the controversial Administration of Islamic Law (Federal Territories) Bill currently being debated in Parliament. He is quoted in a report titled  “Mum’s consent a must for child to be converted” to have said the following:

“There’s a specific case where the Prophet Muhammad sent a child back to the mother because the mother did not convert to Islam and only the father did so”

I have tried looking for the hadith that Anwar is referring to, but could not find it anywhere. So, if anyone out there knows of this hadith and who narrated it, I’d be most obliged if you could tell me.

As far as I know, if the title of the report truly reflects his views on this matter, then this contradicts the opinion of most Islamic scholars, which is: if one of the parents is a Muslim, then the children must be raised as Muslims, at least until they are old enough to decide for themselves.