Anwar’s Fatwa

I was intrigued by something that Anwar Ibrahim supposedly said yesterday in connection to the controversial Administration of Islamic Law (Federal Territories) Bill currently being debated in Parliament. He is quoted in a report titled  “Mum’s consent a must for child to be converted” to have said the following:

“There’s a specific case where the Prophet Muhammad sent a child back to the mother because the mother did not convert to Islam and only the father did so”

I have tried looking for the hadith that Anwar is referring to, but could not find it anywhere. So, if anyone out there knows of this hadith and who narrated it, I’d be most obliged if you could tell me.

As far as I know, if the title of the report truly reflects his views on this matter, then this contradicts the opinion of most Islamic scholars, which is: if one of the parents is a Muslim, then the children must be raised as Muslims, at least until they are old enough to decide for themselves.


5 Responses to “Anwar’s Fatwa”

  1. Anwar’s fatwa and the mysterious missing hadith | Helen Ang Says:

    […] Can anyone help Oik please? Recommended reading ‘Oik65′s blog‘. […]

  2. IDRIS MD ISA Says:

    Need to know who’s collection or compilation,,,,Bukhari, Muslim etc. Anyway, more than glad to assist, i.Allah. Need a few days.

  3. IDRIS MD ISA Says:

    Oh my, just noticed, it’s an old posting. Wonder if you have found the answer. Anyway, his munafiq anwar will jump at the slightest opportunity to be the champion of the kafirs.

    • oik65 Says:

      No worries, and thanks for your comments. Nope, I never did find the answer. The closest that I found comes from here, though I’m a bit sceptical of the authenticity as it doesn’t mention from which collection it came from and also the fact that it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere else that I searched. It goes:

      “Rafi’ b. Sanan narrated a tradition to me. He said that he accepted the faith of Islam but his wife refused to accept it. She went to the presence of the Prophet and said, “My daughter’s feeding by me has been stopped (by the father)”. Rafi’ said, “She is my daughter”. The Prophet asked Rafi’ to take his seat at one side and the woman on the other side and directed them to make the daughter sit between them. Thereafter he asked both of them to call their daughter to them; (call being made) the daughter (seemed) inclined towards her mother. Thereupon, the Prophet prayed, “May God guide her (the child). Then she got inclined towards her father. Consequently Rafi’ picked up his daughter.”

      Anyway, if authentic, I don’t think it supports Anwar’s argument because while it seems to allow the possibility of custody being given to the non-Muslim mother, this doesn’t appear to be something the Prophet approves of.

      • IDRIS MD ISA Says:

        Firstly, I mean THIS munafiq anwar..not HIS munafiq anwar. Regret the error. I agree with your conclusion. If he is a Muslim, anwar should at least find ways to have the under aged child become a Muslim, not otherwise. But anwar is a munafiq.
        Anyway, the matan of the above hadist does not appear sound enough to convince me of its authenticity. I’m sure there’s a direct hadist wrt to this issue or at least an opinion of the sahabah to that effect. l’l try to find it.
        BTW, with due respect to the author of the article you have linked, I could not finish reading even 4 paragraphs of it. It’s so poorly written (but bagged the 3rd prize), I got turned off. As an IIUM grad, I find it rather embarrassing. But next time I will try to find the strength to read it till the end. I’m sure, content wise, it’s a good article.

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