Look before You Leap

It seems the Allah issue has made P Ramakrishnan quite angry. In an  opinion piece reproduced in The Malaysian Insider here, he directs a fair bit of venom towards some of the usual suspects – Ibrahim Ali, Zul Noordin and Ustaz Nasha Mat Isa. In the article, he challenges them to “campaign for the Muslims not to sing the national anthem”, because according to him that “would be in keeping with their stand that Tuhan is only meant for the Christians”.

A little advice for Mr Ramakrishnan: Before jumping in spitting fire and brimstone, make sure you know what it is you’re talking about. Otherwise, you will end up sounding like a bit of a tool.

I find it more than a little strange  that a long time President of Aliran does not have a sound enough grasp of our national language to know that “Tuhan” and “Allah” are not mutually exclusive. And as I recall, not one person has ever said that “Tuhan is only meant for the Christians”.

Anyway, here is a comment that I posted on TMI for that article:

I think the writer should really brush up on his Malay. A product of our splintered education system, perhaps? 

Tuhan in Malay is used pretty much in the same way as God is in English. With a capital ‘T’, it refers to the one supreme being, and does not exclude Allah, which in Malay is the name of the God of the Muslims. Muslims have no problem theologically to using Tuhan to refer to God because there is no contradiction. Just like there is no contradiction in referring to Barack Obama as the POTUS. 

As for the state anthems, has it not occured to the writer that they do, in fact, refer to Allah as in the God of the Muslims? The word Allah only occurs in the anthems of some states, all of which have a Sultan who is also the head of Islam in their state.

Not surprisingly, this comment garnered me many thumbs downs. My IntenseDebate reputation has taken a hammering since I started commenting on TMI. It now stands at -123, which I suppose puts me somewhere in the troll or super spammer category.  This hurts me deep inside, it really does 😉


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