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Jangan tertipu lagi, Najib

February 23, 2014

PM Najib has advised the rakyat not to be taken in again by the sweet nothings whispered by the opposition. You can read about it here. Of course, it isn’t  just the rakyat who have been  tertipu lately:



I think Najib would do well to heed his own advice.


Defund Jakim?

February 18, 2014

This is the call made by one Shaun Tan in an article published by the Malaysian Insider. It seems what got Mr Tan’s goat was the Friday sermon released by Jakim recently which said that Muslims shouldn’t be celebrating Valentine’s day.

In the article, Mr Tan called the sermon a “tirade of vitriol and intolerance”, which I find just a wee bit ironic when Mr Tan’s own article is chock full of barbs and invectives. Here are some of the terms that Mr Tan uses to describe Jakim and their actions in his article:
noxious, rabid, fatuous, consistently worked to undermine reason and goodwill, tirade of vitriol, intolerance, grossly incompetent, hateful and damaging, disgrace to Islam, stupidity, persecution, people being bullied and persecuted, petty, uttering foolishness and extremism, bigotry.

Now that’s a lot of insults to fit into a short 596 word article. A fine example of Christian love and compassion, eh Mr Tan?