The “Wisdom” of Zaid Ibrahim

It seems Zaid Ibrahim has a beef with Information minister Shabery Cheek for saying that the Penang Government is racist for neglecting low cost housing for the mainly Malay poor in the state. So he writes this angry article titled “Where are the facts?” berating Shabery for being “incapable of discussing urban housing needs based on reality and facts”.

Do please note the title of the article, because in it he goes on to drop this gem:

“I am not convinced DAP is a stupid organisation. Penang Malays currently comprise 40% of the vote and Malay men can marry four wives, which mean future demographics will favour the Malays in the medium and long term.” 

So Zaid, polygamy is the reason the Malay population is growing? No other explanation? And you have the cheek to call someone else out for talking nonsense?


One Response to “The “Wisdom” of Zaid Ibrahim”

  1. grkumar Says:

    Polygamy or marriage of any sort is not the driver of population growth. It is plain unprotected sex for whatever reason.

    Chinese men keep mistresses as do Indians. Christians call them “girlfriends”. Whatever they are called however one comes together for a union it produces the same effect.

    The neglect of lo cost housing in Penang is race based and race driven. Zaid Ibrahim firstly has to demonstrate he has a capacity to rectify the problem if the “facts” are shown to him.

    Otherwise giving Zaid anything in this regard is like casting pearls before swine.

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