And the Reviews Are In….

khutbah_jais - Copy

In red above are some of the choice words used by Chong Eng and Syerleena Abdul Rashid to describe a recent Friday Sermon by JAIS. Apparently, the little snippet shown is the bit that raised their ire, which they took as JAIS blaming rapes on women not covering their aurat instead of the men who actually perpetrate the act.

Me, I don’t see how they could make that leap from enjoining to blaming. If you follow their logic, then any advice given to help prevent people from becoming victims must also be seen as “victim-blaming”. Don’t let your kids talk to strangers, don’t leave your laptop in your car, don’t accept drinks from strangers, ignore any emails that say you’ve won a million dollars – how are these any different?

In fact, if they had deigned to follow the khutbah a little further, they would have found that it very clearly puts the blame on the men:

Wanita hendaklah menutup aurat supaya terhindar daripada gangguan seksual dan penganiayaan oleh lelaki yang tidak bermaruah dan bermoral

In any case, it seems that Chong and Syerleena feel so strongly about this that they needed to tell the whole world by issuing press statements and writing articles. So let’s give them a helping hand by letting your friends, especially the Muslim ones, know.


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