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F***ing B****

March 22, 2015

I hope you’ll pardon the French. Those were some choice words a netizen used to describe a young woman who had done something stupid and angered a lot of people. Here are a few more:

“If that was my wife, I will be in jail for Whacking her until that bitch knows how to behave like a girl.”

“kita perlukan ramai lady seperti ini untuk dihantar ke gaza”

“lucky 4 her it was not me…mesti bash her ugly face kau kau”

“Wow I wanna beat her if I saw her”

“Macam lahanat la mulut kau betina. Please kill yourself”

“Better you suck my cock”

“Shut the hell up and pergi terjun bangunan sekarang”

“Betul2 pelacur”

“She deserves a smash to the skull with her own steering lock”

I guess that last one gave it away. No, these have nothing to do with the Aisyah Tajuddin BFM Hudud controversy. Instead, they are just some of the comments you can find on Youtube for a video showing a now infamous road rage incident from  last year.

The strange thing is that as I recall, nobody back then came forward to lodge police reports about threats to the woman. Nobody wrote articles questioning whether Malaysia was still safe for young people (the disgusting part of which was the author insinuating that threatening behaviour somehow had something to do with being Malay). And if I remember correctly, no Syerleena popping up blaming everything on mysoginy.