Slandering of a Mufti

PKR Youth exco member and self-professed hadith scholar Wan Ji Wan Hussin yesterday admonished the Perak Mufti for being “tidak cermat” for quoting a weak hadith and thus inviting the derogatory Aiyoh Wat Lah award upon himself.

After being gleefully picked up by Malaysiakini, FMT and the other usual suspects, his comment has attracted further ridicule on the Mufti.

Now here’s the thing: Wan Ji’s weak hadith isn’t even the same hadith that Harussani quoted. Wan Ji’s hadith, the one with Husain bin Qais as one of the narrators, goes:

A woman from the tribe of Khath`am asked the Prophet , “Tell me what is the right of the husband over the wife? For I am an unmarried woman and I shall marry if I can, otherwise I shall remain unmarried.” He said:
“The right of the husband over the wife is that if he wants her she must not prevent him, even if she were sitting on the back (z.ahr) of a camel. Also among his rights is that she must not give out anything from his house except by his permission. Otherwise, she shall bear the burden of sin while he shall obtain the reward. Also among his rights is that she must not fast a single day voluntarily without his permission;
if she does, then she has only gone hungry and thirsty and it shall not be accepted from her. She must not leave his house except by his permission. Otherwise, she is cursed by the angels of the heaven, by the angels of mercy, and by the angels of punishment until her return.” “Even if he is a wrongdoer [in keeping her from going out]?” “Even if he is a wrongdoer.”
She said: “I shall never marry!”

The one that Harussani quoted appears in Sunan Ibn Majah and is graded as Hasan by some, Sahih by others. The English translation of it goes:

It was narrated that: Abdullah bin Abu Awfa said” When Muadh bin Jabal came from Sham, he prostrated to the Prophet who said: ‘What is this, O Muadh?’ He said: ‘I went to Sham and saw them prostrating their bishops and patricians and I wanted to do that for you.’ The messenger of Allah said: ‘Do not do that. If I were to command anyone to prostrate to anyone other than Allah, I would have commanded women to prostrate to their husbands. By the one in who hand is the soul of Muhammad! No woman can fulfill her duty towards Allah until she fulfills her duty towards her husband. If he asks her (for intimacy) even if she is on her camel saddle, she should not refuse.’“

Did Wan Ji even bother to check with Harussani which hadith he was talking about before telling the whole world that it was weak? Does he not comprehend what such an accusation can do to the reputation of someone in Harussani’s position and of the institution he represents?

Will Wan Ji now apologize to Harussani for what is, in effect, slander against the Mufti?


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